The latest from British Land and Bye bye trees, hello traffic

In December members of our campaign team met with representatives of British Land to get more information about the consultation process on the Canada Water Masterplan.

The headline from the meeting is that British Land is proposing to turn Deal Porters Way – currently the 5mph service road at the back of the Shopping Centre car park into a bus route. If you live between Lower Road and the Shopping Centre site, you face the awful prospect of having major roads both in front and behind your home – an island surrounded by traffic. We can’t help feeling that plans like this show that the area is being developed for the benefit of the residents and businesses that will come to the area rather than the existing community.

Full notes on the meeting are available here.

Consultation on the Masterplan and the site of the new leisure centre will begin next month. We’ll be fighting to ensure that our community doesn’t see our quality of life diminished in the rush to ‘regenerate’ our area.

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