Advice for responding to the Canada Water Masterplan

What is it?

A hybrid application which is in outline for most of the huge 45-acre site of Surrey Quays Shopping Centre and car park and the Surrey Quays Leisure Park behind it but detailed for three sites:

  • A1 is the 33-storey residential tower and office buildings planned for the Overflow Car Park in front of the Dock Office
  • A2 is the Leisure Centre and Office block planned for the Tesco filling station
  • K1 is the social housing block on Robert’s Close next to Russia Dock Woodland.

These sites will be the first to be built if permission is given. The rest will come forward for future planning applications BUT the massing and location of these plots will be fixed. So if you don’t like the size or location of a building which is only in outline now, you have to speak out now.

Where do I find it?

Online until 20th July here

Note that there is a 5000 character limit if you respond online. You can therefore also email the planning officer: or write to him at the Council offices.

It is likely that he will not write his report till after the summer and has given assurances that he will take account submissions made after 20th July. We recommend doing this by the end of August at the latest.

If you want more information on how to makes sense of the planning documents, see this excellent advice:

What can I object to?

The planning officer will only take into account Material Planning Considerations. Here is a briefing on what these are. If you think you, the community, the environment or our infrastructure will be harmed in any way, say so and focus on the outcome of the plans on these areas. In other words, list the harm and then the effect of it.

As a community, we have workshopped some responses to the plan which you will have received if you are on our mailing list. Contact to join our list and receive a copy.

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