Guerrilla Gardening event attracts the attention of the Evening Standard

Under the headline “Campaigners across London fight to save their community’s green spaces” the Evening Standard featured our campaign to save Ada’s Garden in a video published online on 29th April.

You can watch the video here and see footage of our recent guerrilla gardening event here: 14.51.14l

Volunteers  braved April showers to come together to show that the wildlife area at the back of our homes is a valued resource that we do not want to loose. We collected sacks of litter, cleared dead growth, planted and sowed wildflowers and erected our beautiful hand-crafted oak sign. We also put up bird feeders, two bird boxes and a wonderful bee hotel. To judge by the birdsong from Ada’s Garden this spring, our efforts are being appreciated!

The last community meeting on the location of the new Leisure Centre was held on 30th March and was very well attended by local residents who were overwhelmingly against the Council’s plans to close Seven Islands and build the new centre on Ada’s Garden. Arguments against the plan came from all angles, from residents bewildered about why it has to be built on top of their homes to leisure centre users who want to know why the community hasn’t been consulted about what facilities will be on offer. Questions were also raised about transport, the prominence of the location, the loss of the trees, disabled access and the fact that the Council has already made its decision and is justifying it retrospectively.

We are waiting for the promised follow up meeting and have been told this will be after the Mayoral and GLA elections on May 5th.




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