What can I do?

The formal consultation on the leisure centre site has closed but you can still email your views to: Regen.info@southwark.gov.uk

If you want to refer back to the consultation documents, they are still available here:


You can keep in touch with the wider Masterplan news through the developer, British Land’s dedicated website: http://canadawatermasterplan.com/

If you would like to contact the Canada Water West Residents Action Group, please email canadawaterwest@gmail.com. We’d be delighted to hear from you. You can also follow us on Twitter: @CanadaWaterWest.

Councillor Mark Williams is the Southwark Council cabinet member for regeneration and new homes who is leading the process. Please email him at mark.williams@southwark.gov.uk to convey your concern about this plan (including its impact on you, the inadequacy of consultation etc) and to request an alternative. 

Please also email the councillors for Rotherhithe, the ward we live in:

  1. Stephanie Cryan (stephanie.cryan@southwark.gov.uk);
  2. Kath Whittam (kath.whittam@southwark.gov.uk);
  3. Bill Williams (bill.williams@southwark.gov.uk).



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